Come learn and make friends!

The CodeCircles Data Hackathon is a community-inspired event meant to promote a culture of learning together, so come here to work on problems as teams, present and learn from other brilliant minds!

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$1,250 in prizes

Best Overall

$100 course credit per member
2 bottles of wine

Best Visualisation

$50 course credit per member
1 bottle of wine

Best Insights

$50 course credit per member
1 bottle of wine

Audience Favourite

$50 course credit per member
1 bottle of wine

Devpost Achievements

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Submit your:

  • Powerpoint / Google slides, if any
  • Jupyter notebook attachment
  • Relevant links

How to enter

You will be required to give a 10 minutes group presentation on Sunday.

    • 5 minutes presentation
      • What is your research question / hypotheses / query?
      • Process of investigation --- data source, treatment, etc.
      • What have you found?
      • Limitations?
    • 5 minutes Q&A


Dr. Walter Edgar Theseira

Dr. Walter Edgar Theseira

Ms. Shih Fu Hua

Ms. Shih Fu Hua

Mr. Max Xu

Mr. Max Xu

Judging Criteria

  • Reproducibility (30%)
    Is the analysis clear and structured enough such that it can be easily reproduced?
  • Value (30%)
    How useful is the project?
  • Storytelling (30%)
    Was the project clearly communicated? Was it easy for other people to understand and engage with?
  • Other considerations (10%)
    Was the team able to utilise a novel approach to a problem? Use an unlikely data source (that is both precise and relevant still)? Etc.